Planned renovation of a Luxury modern bathroom, Bathtub in corian, Faucet and shower in tiled bathroom with windows towards garden

Bathroom renovations: 5 things you will need to know

So you’ve decided that now is the right time to jump into the renovation world to get that dream bathroom that you have always wanted. Great!

Bathroom renovations can be a hugely rewarding prospect for those who take the plunge, providing them with not just a brilliant living space, but the added financial jump into the property’s value, as well as the greater convenience that comes with the end product.

Bathroom renovations are not all smooth sailing, however. Things can go wrong, issues can arise, and for those who aren’t across every aspect of the industry, a few things will definitely surprise you.

So it’s good to know, or at least have a rough idea, of what you’ll be getting yourself into when you decide to jump into your big bathroom project.

In this article, we’ve gone through the main things you’ll both need to keep an eye on and consider when going through the bathroom renovation process. All of these points will require your best tool, research, as well as a little bit of foresight into planning and organising around what will be a very substantial project.

Go in knowing what you want

Whether you are doing it yourself, or using a contractor or a renovation company, understanding what you ultimately want out of your bathroom renovation will assist you immeasurably straight off the bat.

This isn’t to say that you should have a detailed list of every single aspect of your dream bathroom, but at least a general idea.

Some things that you can ask yourself that may help with this are:

What kind of vanity are you looking to get?
Are you decided on tiling?
Will you have a separate shower, or a shower-over-bath?
Will the plumbing need to be reinstalled new?
What little features or accessories would you like in your new bathroom?

These questions, and many more about specific features in the bathroom when it’s completed, will at least help you to browse, discuss, and share your ideas. This is important as there is nothing worse than feeling helpless or unsure during the renovation process, and for the DIY enthusiasts out there, will minimise problems and mistakes that may arise.

Know your price range

The price range for a typical, medium sized bathroom renovation can fluctuate from anywhere between $15,000 and $50,000. Depending on what your ideal bathroom will become, the price can even go higher, with the more luxurious renovations topping well over $125,000.

Whilst the larger figures can sound daunting, knowing your budget and proper preparation can help to keep it to a manageable level. Truth is, too, that you can still get a great looking, modern bathroom, without facing the prospect of spending the equivalent of a home deposit.

Having an idea of what you want to do with your bathroom will help with this tremendously, as you will be able to itemise and budget properly. If you were struggling with the first point in this article, it might help to go into a store that specialises in bathroom fixtures and fittings, just to get a rough idea on what you will be looking at in terms of cost.

Logistical planning

Whilst it’s worth it in the end, the fact is that bathroom renovations, even of a smaller scope, can be hugely disruptive to the way that you use your own home. In some cases, especially when new plumbing is required, the bathroom will pose very little use to anyone, and having a plan for how you can retain some sense of liveability will go a long way.

Little things such as pre-organised and proper garbage disposal areas, like a hire skip, or even planning around water and gas (if you have gas heating) shutdowns, will help to minimise the effects of this sometimes long-term disruption.

Bathroom renovation companies will often do all of this for you, but if you are going alone, make sure to think really carefully about how you will mitigate all of the little logistical dilemmas that can come up.

Keep an open mind

Bathroom renovations are very difficult to get 100% spot on, and even by being as cautious and as meticulous as possible, things still may go wrong.

Very often, it’s aspects of the home itself that are simply not apparent to the homeowners themselves, such as the need for asbestos removal, or structural deficiencies that can happen over time.

Whilst sudden mishaps like this can be deflating, it is important to keep positive and have an open mind into what to do next. Whilst it may require more money to be invested, the money spent can often at times increase the value of your home regardless.

Think of instances like this as an opportunity to revise or improve, rather than one that is to be considered as a setback.

Check as you go

Having a plan at the start is great, but it will prove to be useless if you don’t follow it by the page. Far too often many DIY renovations are ruined by ad hoc decisions that are against the ethos of the initial plan or the original design.

Always make sure to check and even double check what you have outlined to be done, as well as the timeframes with which you gave yourself to complete them. Should something need to be amended, then feel free to do so, but make sure to do this only after you’ve revised what you initially had planned out with your bathroom renovation.

As we mentioned before, things will come up that will change how the overall process will both function and the amount of resources that it will require. Monitoring the process and what you have planned will at least mitigate the more serious of issues that can arise, and render the minor ones irrelevant by comparison.