Wooden Window Shutters

Can’t decide between screening or blockout window shades? Why not have both?

Unique to Australia is the heightened importance of the simple window covering – whether it be a set of blinds or curtains.

We need our blinds and curtains to perform two crucial tasks: Keep us warm during the winter, and make the house cool during summer. To varying degrees, there are many products out there on the market today that do just that with ease.

However, we are yet to create something that can stop the sun coming in whilst also letting it shine through because, let’s face it, it’s impossible.

You could ditch the curtains and the blinds and install a form of venetian or vertical coverings over your windows, but for true lovers of the former, the latter may detract from their preferred interior design.

So for many years, homeowners right across the country have had to compromise – blockout shades for the summer to keep the sunlight out, or screening shades for the winter to let the warmth come through.

But what if there was another way? What if, it was just as simple as being able to have both at the same time?

This can be done, through either one of the hottest properties on the market in double roller blinds, or through simply utilising two curtain rods. It’s not as cumbersome as you might think to have both working in tandem, and it’s easier to install and use than you think.

In this article, we’re going to explain just why investing in double rods or double rollers is being seen as a much more viable and convenient alternative to that terrible compromise.

First off, the weather

As we started off the article with, ideally you would want to block the sun out during the hotter months, and let it shine through in the winter months, whilst being able to maintain some form of privacy for the latter.

Until now, you either had to live with one or the other, or in the most extreme case, change them as per the following season.

With a dual window covering setup, no more will you have to compromise nor perform undue labour in changing them all the time. They can be easily deployed too as per the seasons, acting with a a dual cord mechanism which is no different to what you probably have now.

Guaranteed privacy all year round

For those that went down the compromise route and chose blockout shades, you might have been a bit uneasy by having to open your windows up to let sun in right throughout the winter months.

With a dual setup, no longer will you have to forego privacy, as even the thinnest of screening blinds and curtains will still hinder visible eyesight, and protect your interior and daily routine from prying eyes.

This is great for those especially in inner city suburbs, where passing foot and car traffic would be otherwise able to see in, basically rendering your privacy non-existent during winter.

It does wonders for your interior design, too

Anyone that is a connoisseur of curtains and blinds will tell you that a big part of their allure is their ability to easily allow you to tailor the mood inside the home.

Having two options at once, depending on the occasion, can instantly help you set the right tone for practically any moment.

It also allows you to incorporate colour into your interior design, too. Having two coloured curtains or blinds working in tandem alongside the rest of your home’s layout will give your abode a wonderful sense of dimension, whilst also allowing you to redecorate and incorporate your favourite elements of designs your please.

Practicality personified

If it’s accessibility that is most on your mind, dual rollers and rods will deliver this in spades. What’s more, you can even have them motorised for even greater ease of use, as well as delivering a real sense of convenience.

This convenience comes from greater control. Essentially, it is possible to have the screening blinds deployed during the day, whilst also changing them over to the blockout shades should the weather make a sudden turn – all from the press of a button, whether you are at work or out shopping or socialising.

Whilst this is true for single blinds and curtains as well, the motorised aspect definitely does transform dual rollers and rods into something spectacular, and allows you to fine tune your home’s look and feel in an instant.