Balustrade fencing

Balustrade fencing: 4 reasons why it is the hottest ticket in town

Balustrades have popped up in recent years as the go-to option for all types of fencing applications. Modern balustrades can be seen adorning balconies, property boundaries, and even stairways, whilst the more traditional and elegant of timber balustrades are making a comeback for those looking to add that touch of periodic design aesthetics.

So how and why did balustrades become so popular so quickly, and exactly what is the limit for their seemingly endless list of applications and implementations across the residential and commercial property market?

Well, their crisp visuals, whilst also taking up very little space at all, have meant that balustrades have become somewhat of a hot ticket for those who have the luxury of owning a balcony, or for those who are seeking a different fencing option to those that are more typical.

Even for the keen DIY fellow, balustrades are relatively easy to install, only requiring a little bit of work to strengthen the support needed for the posts itself. Coming in various types of materials, from solid timber to the more sleeker of aluminium, this degree of workmanship will also vary in ease depending on what you choose.

In this article, we’ll be going through some of the common applications where balustrade fencing will make a huge difference to the visuals of your home or business. Each of these have been thought of with budget in mind, so you’ll be able to borrow some ideas from here for your own use without breaking the bank.

1. Balcony and patio balustrades

One of the main advantages of balustrade fencing is their minimal construct – quite literally only being bollards filled in traditionally with glass or even nothing at all.

This principle behind the balustrade makes it ideal for those who wish to keep the brilliant views offered by their balcony or patio area without obstructing them in the quest for the safety that such a fence brings.

Those who are really conscious about losing their landscape views will be also pleased to know that the width of the balustrade posts is dependent on what type of material you choose, of which aluminium balustrade bollards will be the thinnest option.

Especially for townhouse or small apartment balconies, where a more thicker and opaque fencing option an often detract from both the views inside and outside the building, the balustrade will serve you well. All larger apartment buildings tend to lean towards installing balustrades as a first option for this very reason.

2. Minimalist boundary fencing

Timber balustrades are popping up in newer suburban estates as a more pleasing-to-look-at option than the conventional upright fencing of years gone by.

Mostly comprised of timber, this type of balustrade designates the boundaries of the property, whilst managing to make the greater sum of the property feel open and even larger to a certain extent.

For the more rural of residences, this can be a great choice over the traditional wire fencing of yesteryear. Not only will it enhance your property’s visuals, but it will also prove to be a much more durable and relatively maintenance-free alternative to chicken or string wire fences.

3. Landscape lining

For homes that enjoy elaborate or sculpted gardens and landscapes, balustrade fencing can often help to emphasise the hard work that you have put in into your front or back yard.

By lining a path with a small and non-intrusive balustrade fence, you will be effectively framing your garden’s separate areas, allowing each to breathe and live on their own and offer your greater landscaping efforts the full gamut of their visuals and beauty.

Lining paths with balustrades can also make the path itself a centrepiece, especially if the path is one that has been designed to feature elaborate stones, pebbles, or even tiling to maximise the garden’s overall look and feel.

4. Safe stairways

Whether they are indoors or outdoors, the visual of a stairway and most importantly its safety can be enhanced greatly through the use of balustrades.

Not only will they prove to be stronger and more reliable than old types of stairway lining, making sure that they can be used safely and securely, but for almost all types of stairs they will greatly improve their aesthetics.

Balustrades can be designed to mimic much more older design styles, too, so even the oldest of stairways will benefit from this ideal type of fencing.