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Many new homeowners are increasingly buying up older homes – specifically those built from the ‘60’s to the ‘80’s. The lower price tag isn’t just the overall winner, it’s the chance to take a real “doer-upperer” and transform it into something truly yours which is making them a popular choice.

How best to do something quick and simple that can provide the home with a new lease of life, then? Paint is the obvious choice, as too are more expensive and time consuming measures such as wall replacement, outdoor facade renovations, as well as more cosmetic touches such as new furniture.

But what if there was something else, one that can have a huge and instant impact, as well as not breaking the bank nor taking a long time to complete?
Introducing floating floorboards – a simple layover that provides the authentic allure of a hardwood floor, without the hit to the budget and the chunk of time taken out of your routine.

Floating floorboards are somewhat of a newer revelation, having become increasingly popular in the last decade or so. Especially in older homes, where the original carpets may have suffered beyond repair, replacing them with a floating floor can provide both a comfort and a cosmetic benefit.

Floating floorboards are easy to install, too, further underlying the quick-and-easy nature of these floors to transform your home’s interior instantly. Even those without any real background in assembly or DIY projects can get their own floating floor installed without any major issues at all.

There are many other highly desirable pointers behind floating floorboards. Read on with us as we list just a few of the many great advantages behind floating floorboards.

Great alternative to old carpets

As we mentioned, older homes, especially those that have very old carpets that have seen far better days, often benefit tremendously from floating floorboards.

The floors, once installed, instantly provide the home with a more sleek, almost more modern look and feel, without compromising on the charming aspect that comes with having an old home. Those with decorative cornices often see these parts of the home emphasised through the use of timber floating floors.

Floating floorboards are also much more cheaper than having completely new carpet installed, and will take much less time to be completed.

Designated centrepiece

A feature of many old homes is the traditional hallway, one that is seldom seen in more newer construction. The hallway was once a real focal point of the home, acting as a grandiose link between all rooms of the abode.

Whilst it may not be seen like that anymore, you can provide it with this distinctive characteristic once again with a set of floating floorboards. A particularly high contrast floating floor – one that emphasises its timber grain, will be perfect for rejuvenating this potential centrepiece.

Chances are that there will be a particular style of floorboard that will suit your hallway, too, which acts as a nice segue into our next point.

Exceptionally wide range of styles available

Given the manufactured nature of floorboards, designers have gone to great lengths to mimic the authenticity and range of faux timber available. These can be quite literally anything – from the traditional warmth of more rustic flooring, to highly distinctive and more modern high contrast timber detailing.

You’ll also notice with products that are more geared towards the top of the range of the market, that even the texture will somewhat be similar if not identical to traditional wooden floorboards.

Almost every style of desirable timber has been replicated, and there’s bound to be your favourite somewhere out there.

Remarkably, this wide range of styles doesn’t impact on the price that you’ll most likely be able to enjoy.

Little maintenance required

One of the more endearing things about floating floorboards is the relatively little work required to keep them looking as good as new in your home for a long time to come. Apart from a brisk de-dusting, your floating floorboards will continue to serve you well.

What’s more, floating floorboards are relatively resistant against anything not resembling heavy impact. This means that they will now show damage from scratches or dents, proving to be a durable and reliable alternative to other types of flooring.

It’s just one of the many reasons why floating floorboards are continuously becoming number one on top of the renovator’s request list.