perfect garden landscape

Every thought of sprucing up your front garden, but haven’t really known where to start?

Perhaps you’ve gotten inspiration from something you’ve seen, but stopped short of trying it yourself because of the sheer size of it?

The funny thing about landscape design is that, more often than not, it is the little things that often make the difference. Minor features incorporated into the overall design of your garden can reinvigorate and completely transform the look and feel of the precious front yard.

We’re going to dive into some minor things that you may have overlooked in the design of your garden that can make a massive impact in your overall garden.

All of these require little work, very little in terms of a budget, and provide stunning visuals. We’re also going to focus on how you can tie your garden, utilising the small things in life, in with the overall design of your home, be it traditional or contemporary in appearance.


Those who are fortunate enough to have a large enough garden area that can accommodate a long feature pathway will be happy to know that they can often be spruced up with very little effort to make a huge impact.

A really simple way for those with pathways is to play off the contrast of their existing garden with the path itself. This could mean a different colour of gravel or brick sand to create a defined contrast, or even different pathway linings that will work off the tone of the concrete path.

For the more adventurous, consider the shape and direction of the pathway itself. More direct lines will work well with contemporary exteriors or garden landscapes, whilst more windier pathways can often provide traditional looking homes with an added sense of the rustic.

Pathways are also a great starting point for which to base your entire garden plan over for those redoing or starting from scratch. Utilising the path as a point of focus can often help you draw attention to other key parts of your landscape design.

Feature areas

Feature areas of the garden can practically be anything: fountains, statues, trees, rock formations, sitting areas – you name it. The choice of the feature area that you prefer should be your only guide, with only a few considerations.

Obviously certain feature areas will benefit certain types of exterior design. A modern looking fountain pool area may look out of place in front of an older style property, whilst older statues, no matter how brilliant they are, will detract from more sleeker lines and shapes of modern homes.

Ideally your feature area should compliment your home’s exterior in some format, including colours and tones. Elaborate facades can support more detailed feature areas and components, whilst for simpler contemporary designs, feel free to explore and experiment with size, space, and even shape.


What would a garden be without plants and trees? But rather than talk about the types of plants and trees that will stand out we’re gonna talk about instead how to utilise existing features of the garden and base your plant selection on that.

Take for instance the facade of your home is rather colourful, as most traditional homes are. Going like for like with equally as vibrant beds of roses or even the more native of grevillia’s will not just look great, but will also showcase the front of the property perfectly.

Contemporary buildings can benefit hugely from Australian native shrubs. Subdued in nature, requiring very little water, as well as providing attractive groundcover, native bushes will very simply and easily enhance the front view of any modern setting and property.